Thursday, January 24, 2008

meeting an incredible person.

Only once in awhile can you say "great things come in small packages" and have something that really makes the cliche more than true. Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Cameron, a boy who's strength is more than courageous. A brave mama was kind enough to have me come by and take a peek into her world as it is right now, and I feel truly honoured. I arrived at 10:30 am, got whipped up the elevator and whisked through a room of little important people with big machines and tiny beds to the end of the room where Cameron is calling home for a little while. After mom getting all the stats, and me beside myself taking the experience in behind my lens, I got to see an amazing daily activity between mom and baby.

I guess I should mention, Cameron came into this world 10 weeks earlier than his arrival was scheduled. A whopping 3 lbs and 4 oz. In his mother's words, the good thing is that he was "cooked" properly, with of course the exceptions of his lungs. I've read her birth story on another site, and let me tell you it is an amazing one, with lots of wit!

So, on this day I was at the hospital, I got to see what is called 'Kangaroo Care'. They place baby on the bare chest so his tummy faces mom, and his ear is just above her heart. Kangaroo Care helps decrease oxygen requirements, apnea or bradys and can help to stabilize the baby's heart rate. Not only is this great medically, it was a very cool bonding experience to watch.

Thank you Jen and Cameron for letting me stop by! I won't forget it.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Two ADORABLE girls with a lovely mother and father, this is a shoot I tagged along with Hope on. LOVE THEM! I could eat them they are so delectable!