Monday, August 11, 2008

She finally arrived!

It was months and months ago I did her moms maternity pictures, but finally she has arrived! And a whopping 9lbs at that! She is perfect, and knows how to show it off too! Welcome to the world little lady!

Little Man.

I did some photo's for some good friends of ours, they had their baby boy last month. He's a very sweet baby who I look forward to getting to know! And of course, being our friends, Mika got thrown into a few of the pictures! Her and their daughter are buds and love to play together.

Skate and Bike Photoshoot.

These are some youth I volunteered to do a photo shoot with a fellow buddy photographer, Stefane Berube, last month. It was a nice day and the kids made me laugh. Some great talent made for some fun pictures, these are just a few.

Watch out for her!

This lovely lady was so much fun to work with! We were shooting for a cover for her LP, which will be released this fall at a CD release party and will be entitled 'Eager Heart' - mostly original pop tunes. This September 2008 www. lornalampman .com is a place you can go to check her out. She will be rotating on Magic 99 (FM radio) in the early fall, and usually has a gig or two lined up if you're interested in checking her out.
I, however, can't wait to see the CD- ha ha!
Thanks Lorna!

A Beautiful Wedding in June.

The weather was a HOT whooping 30 degrees (or more???) this day. The afternoon unfolded much like an adventure, one that this couple gets to continue for a lifetime.

May their years be filled with love, joy and laughter.