Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Things.

Taking time to see, or notice, beautiful things is something most of us now a days have to make a point of doing. Too often I am caught up in the whirlwind of life.

For a couple hours last week in the morning before work, I was able to get away to take this opportunity. Katrina has been patiently waiting for me to go over some things with her on her camera that was just passed down to her by another family member. I took the hint when she brought it to work again earlier in the week and had placed it on my desk. Relishing in the chance to go somewhere perfect for a few hours, we headed to the Botanical Gardens.

Hope often talks about how great it is to mentor, and how we should pass the things we learn on, but I never gave it that much thought being on more of the learning end of things for so long. I have to say, it was a lot of fun and it was me who should give gratitude to the moment. The situation offered me a few moments to slow down and enjoy fine tuning skills and appreciating techniques. It also proved for some kick-butt photos.

I think I'll be spending a lot more time on the flow of water this summer. It was fun playing with the water fall. And the butterflies were truly magical and exciting. To find them and capture them was what I imagine finding treasure to be like. Then there was the flora. Beautiful and sweet smelling. It's a challenge for me to get detail in red or pink, so I spent a bit of time on the pink flowers.

The sun was amazing Friday night. The sky was so beautiful, startling and dreamy at the same time. A storm rolling in always makes my hair stand on edge, and the smell before it happens is so distinct and charged. These are pictures as the storm rolled away (hence the rainbow). The smell after a storm- clean, fresh and alive.


So as birthdays would have it, mine was great. HOT weather, good friends and ice cream cake (while camping!). It was PERFECT! The only not perfect thing is that my cell phone and camera (more the lens) decided to go for a dip in the lake and drowned themselves. So, they are both out of commission :(, and because we spent most of our day's on the lake, I was too chicken to pack my other lenses and camera around anymore. So, here are a few limited, but fun, pictures from the weekend! Above, my daughter in her glory. Bellow, Ava dear trying on Mika's hat for size.

10 min's before my poor camera found out what a wave is. Dingy convoying is a fun way to go though, I must say!

What would Canada day be without a little face painting?

Snorkelling in muddy waters can be good or bad. The fact that snorkel's are hot pink makes it great though.

SJ packed this rock around everytime she went swimming. The sploosh in the water I'm betting was a very satisfying sound for her.


I convinced ~J to let her husband burry her. She was a good sport! She had baby the very next day.

Mika looked how I felt at the end of the weekend. I was VERY content however. Can I please live out there until winter??!