Monday, March 31, 2008

Remember him?

Remember the post back in January about the little preemie at the hospital? (Thursday, January 24, 2008 'meeting an incredible person') Well, guess what? He's HOME!

I got the privilege of taking pictures of him just over a week ago, and he is doing well! He was a whooping SIX pounds when I saw him!! Yay! Crazy, my daughter was born 6lbs 1oz and I thought she was tiny- for Cameron, that's BIG!

When I first heard Cameron cry a couple months ago, it was a whimper. His lungs have grown. I was secretly very pleased to get a crying picture this go round. Mom and Dad will thank me years from now... I have one of Mika at 3 months that I LOVE because when I look at it I can almost hear her baby cry, I miss it so much.

I had so much fun taking these pictures, it was all I could do not to wrap him up in my backdrops and take him home with me!

Thanks for having me come by.

Friday, March 28, 2008

And first up.....

I've pretty much caught up on all the photos. Just some watermarking to do over the next few days. As I do that, I'll get the photos up for you to see!

The first to show you... my beautiful friend Tasha! I met Tasha one year ago, and I know she is one of those friends you know you will be with a lifetime. She is a keeper! Tash had her birthday this last month, and what better way to celebrate than having some kick-butt photos! It was SOOOO much fun! With some great snacks and a ton of laughter, we were set!

Thanks Tasha! Now to look forward to our time at the beach this summer! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


A good friend in anyone's lifetime is always a good thing. A best friend is rare, like a precious gem.

The first day Mika went to daycare it was a rough one. For me, and for her too. She cried and fought it. Having hardly been away from her mama, and her world having just recently before turned upside down as she knew it, going to daycare was a tragic event. When I first arrived back that day, Mika's teacher told me she hit it off with this girl, a little cutie. Thinking over the weeks that it was just a playmate, I had drastically under estimated this friendship.

Over the passed year of getting to know Mika's friend, and how Mika and her got along, I've realised these two have more than just a playmate to pass time. On days when Mika is down, her friend can pick this up and ask if she's sad, give her a hug and make her a picture. Mika's world has been molded for a better place because of this wonderful, warm spirited confidant. When her pal needs a hand opening her yogurt, or an invite to a fun game at preschool, Mika is the first to lend a hand. I love watching this important bond that EVERY person should have with someone. Someone who knows who you are, knows when to be there or when to give space, -how to be a friend and hold a hand.

Mika's friend's mom and I have often talked about getting the girls together outside of preschool to start fostering their friendship... so today on my day off I took the girls for lunch, a pal thing to do. (FYI the red all over Mika's face is facepaint she did- she's a horse if you couldn't tell)

We walked to the restaurant. These girls were so funny to watch! Every time we crossed a road, they would try to be louder than the other, yelling "Swiper no swiping!" at the top of their lungs, then fits of giggles would explode from their bellies as they gallivanted along.

Of course, friends like to sometimes copy each other at some point. Being a copycat can sometimes be cool. These two thought it was cool while we waited for our waitress.

Giving a little cheers is also warranted, even if there is no particular reason.

Doing activities you both enjoy, side by side, is important and should not go unnoticed.

Eating smiley M&M pancakes (esp when you both start with the letter M) is IMPARATIVE.

Telling hilarious, giggle-fit secrets that "even mom can't know what we're talking about" is a true ingredient to friendship also.

You little M&M's are too cute! Whether your friendship is a moment, or a lifetime, it is something you both need, it's what makes this world the good place it is- it's what life is about. Thank you for letting me be a small part in a terrific day in your world!