Friday, June 27, 2008

Meant To Be.

When things fall into place and are effortless, there is no denying that it's meant to be.

A sure omen for these two in their marriage, these engagement photos had everything perfect- a sweet couple, perfect photo weather and a great local.

Thanks for having me out to do these, I had a great time! Looking forward to the big day!

Me and Her

I love this kid. I know that, you know that. She is seriously sweet! I enjoy hanging out with her, and wish there was more time. I'm looking forward to the summer and the experiences.

These are the last of the photos for today (I may upload ONE more set), I'm popped from working on some this AM and still have the day job to go to today, a wedding tomorrow and a whole shift at work. WHEN'S THE CAMPING & RELAXING COMING? 3 more days, and I get to hang with her. *smile*

(photos with me in them credit to J. Sweitzer, and the bottom feet are a friends- but too cute
to pass up on the posting!)


These two get a whole entry to themselves! This is Mika's best friend. The other day they came to preschool, not ever having seen the other in these clothes, in THE SAME OUTFIT!!! It made my daughters week! The teacher said all they could do all day was squeal and hug each other. They had to sit by each other (even more than usual!)
These two won't be in preschool together for long, her BFF is moving 3 hours south. I was stressed, but on this day I realised I don't think anything can keep these two apart. Mark my words, these two are for life. There are bigger powers out there.


As promised! The NCF pictures, a few of them.

I l-o-v-e this time of year, and it always puts a positive spin on the coming winter months. Daying that, I can truly wish you a Happy Sostice! I'm already excited and planning for next year, and it's hasn't even been a week!

(I just realized I don't have a single stage picture??? must have been busy at those moments... he he he... *oops!*)

Goofy Fun

I have no idea where to start, so I decided to start with the random photos today. Some of these were at work. Chantza was the silliest, as you can see here.

K and J have gorgeous eyes! (They are sisters)

And here is an informal introduction to Crab Cakes, who also passed away unfortunately last weekend. She was smaller than her crab friend and I think he hogged the food. I loved her, she was sweet. I'll miss you cakes!

This is the new lens ~H got, called a lens baby. I got to play with it one day in her yard, and OH the colour! It was a splash of spring on my camera.

I think I have something with hearts... bleeding hearts. My aunt had a perfect story that goes with the flower, I can't remember but in involved love, swords and slippers as you pull the flower peices apart. I'm going to have to ask her.

I tried to hold onto these flowers as long as I could! They were from my sweet heart, delivered to work. (Awwwww!!!....*groan*..... ha ha)

That's right! In the dark I made these two stand here, while one did the spanking motion and I played with the shutter. Turned out great, didn't it?

A little hair toss bonus for you- I'm all about the bonus's!