Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DLS retreat.

It's exciting to see other photographers alike, and it's even more exciting to spend a whole weekend with them. You laugh, you cry, you share and maybe you pick up a thing or two (or many). You might meet a magician, discover the meaning to something or see things in a new light.

This year we had the sideshow of watching Mabel and Ruby check each other out. I think they sized each other up as the other's squeak toy. So adorable. We also had a cute baby come by for pictures. 3 weeks old. I'm not sure how, but I managed to get baby pangs while I still have one. She was so sweet!

And now? I have a rekindled and validated love for something dear to me, les photos.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little ~C is One.

Oh man! If I could eat kids like cake, this one would take 'em! He is too cute for words, and one funny boy! The day I came over, it was probably the darkest overcast I had ever seen in Edson, and this poor guy was teething up a storm- but that didn't stop him from dancing for me in the kitchen, throwing balls and smiling. So nice to know him and watch him grow up, he warms my heart.

The Family Tree Next Door.

Family, in a round a bout way. My sister's, husband's, sister's kids and Mika see each other once a year or so. This was a lovely spring day we went for a visit to their house and played. A sweet family, that I am happy to be connected to in some way. Also gorgeous too!

We had way too much fun! Uncle Kyle, for each of his nieces, is so kind to play princess, even if it's just a second. The picture after ~K blowing bubbles is him thinking he's giving a big smile. Every time mom said to smile, this is what I got. I'll take it! I'll take the little princess too. I'll take 'em all!

Friday, October 8, 2010


So, ashamedly almost a year ago I should have made this blog entry. Perhaps this is where it begun to back up because I wanted to truly express, beyond the photos, what this trip meant to me.

This was not a holiday, though it felt like one. This was a very special, one-of-a-kind reunion. I was visiting the home, for the first time, where my sweet sister partly grew up and continued to reside. I was discovering who she is and fostering what sister-love we have. I had met her, her husband and kids before, but never in a light like this.

Meagan and I (my Canada sister) decided that life is too short, and chances pass you by. We've come to the place where we realise the time is now, and bygones be bygones. Today is the day to start creating life how we want it to be. No regrets, right? So we booked the ticket down to visit Crystal, whom I can count on one hand how many times I've seen, and always in a room full of other people we knew at a wedding or other function.

I was also watching her son (my nephew, and her step son- my nephew also!) connect with Mika in a cool new way that we never got the chance to do growing up. Watching them be cousins is the. cutest. thing. ever. ~V is a special boy who I LOVE. And so gentleman too!

As an adult now, I have come to realize that I have control and choice in how much to invest in my relationships and Crystal is my sister, she is special to me. And now, after having spent a week with both my sisters, we have a memory to bank on and grow from. I feel grateful that was able to happen, that we can now be at this place.

Crystal, you are beautiful, and so is your family. I am so happy to know you, to know how special you are to me from the inside. I can not wait for many more trips to see you and love and laughter to share, like sisters do!

(This photo taken by meagan)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Year Arrival.

Well, I was very happy that things worked out for me to be able to take the anticipated photos of little ~C. I almost didn't make it with my injury.

Big brother ~M is so proud, showering baby with kisses and love. I am sure Mom and Dad have so many memories to make for these boys, what a great thing to be able to see the beginning of it all.

Thanks for the wonderful visit, it has been wonderful to see you all, Congratulations!