Thursday, September 25, 2008


Oh to be young again! These folks were full of vibrant life, I wish I could have spent all day with them, but alas they'd probably prefer to expend their energy elsewhere on a PD day then in front of my camera. I had a lot of fun with these, thanks 'S' family!

The first of Fall Family Photos

A gorgeous day, a sweet family! We had a nice chat and got a (small) leisure walk in the valley, which on this particular week was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the great morning!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just 2 pics

This picture was one from camping when I was on holidays a couple weeks ago. BIG HUGE UGLY TOAD! I loved him. He didn't have a name, but there is lots of toad love. Prince maybe? Yeah... and he did have a puple hue to him so Prince is too perfect.

I ADORE this bus. Hope and I discovered it while scouting a month ago. I was instantly in love. It's color, size and condition. I want to hang the pic in the garage.

Zoo et 4th Bday!

So, one of the first creatures we come across at the Calgary zoo is this here LARGE vulture. We saw it up close and Beautiful. I joked to Mika and I's friends that he was starring me down like he wanted to eat me, just like in the movies! Ha ha, jokes on me. I found out after this on his little info display that he eats cattle. Mmmm, lunch!

We didn't think the girls would make it, this is them not even an hour into our trip. They looked so sleepy.

Nothing a little ice cream treat couldn't pick up! 7 hours later (and passed closing time-whoops!) we had an EXCELLENT day, one to remember forever!

First sleep over! For a half hour all they did was giggle. We went in to tell them to be more quite, and Mika said, "But it's SOOOO hard!!" Oh, the sleepover days!

We rushed home for the big BDAY PARTY!

A little bday fussing.
Hope made BEAUTIFUL mermaid costumes (that Mika wouldn't take off for THREE days after) and the ladies had a sweet time.

That's right,a lot of candles. I got in trouble for so many candles by more than 5 people at lease, but hey- the candle blowing is the most fun at this age! Whatever!

Here, we are excited to blow out the candle....

Here, we keep trying......

And now its all serious, the hear is pulled back, the cheeks are bubbling out to full proportions and the lips are seriously aimed with that wind.

SUCCESS! Isn't she lovely at four?

Some prezzies.

And a four (4! ha ha) generation picture. (Taken by Hope Walls. Sorry for the watermark Hope, had to use something)

Happy Birthday, little Mika Mermaid!

Mika, rylan and B&J at 'the land' (also known as my parents new acreage where they are building a beautiful retirement home).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Love and Beauty

A beautiful day and couple, surrounded by love. From beginning to end, it was a whirlwind of laughter, thoughtfulness and magic. A wonderful experience, one I don't think I'd ever forget.

Thanks for the beautiful day, I'm sure it is only a reflection of the many beautiful days you two have together just like this one.