Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun in the Sunshine.

Mika and J&J's new kitty, one of two. Cute bugger! It got named North today. Very curious, very sparkling white. The pup is Dakota, a Blue Tic Hound. She howls like one too. I love her. My mom and dad are taking her soon as their pup around their new yard.

I'm finally able to play with my new lens-baby Hope got me for my birthday! Took THAT long to get in, I got it just before our move. Today was so sunny, we went in behind the house to play (have to get every last drop of sun in, winter is coming- all the signs are here!). If this apple tree were mine, I'd build a bench from where I stood so I could come and sit there and stare at it. This tree is so perfect and beautiful. We picked delicious fruit and had a snack, then rolled down the hill beside it a few times. I love the new lens baby! It holds magic in it, I'm sure.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

O- beautiful- family!

It's true, Kyla is very very busy. And very very full of life. I've had fun getting to know her better these passed weeks, and her family. Sweet and spice all in one, it's great to have friends like this around! I think I have found a fave picture, kylas idea (pictured below text)... and respectably suited to her lifestyle. A happy, busy bunch! I can't wait for more parties, laughs and fun to come!

The S family

The autumn is more than a beautiful time for pictures, and this family has the yard to prove it! These pictures are so close to home, because well, it is our temporary home right now with these people. I can't help but fight the urge to photoshop myself into these pictures (ha ha, kidding.) In all seriousness, true beauty emits from them... a kind bunch with open hearts and lots of love, I'm happy to know you and spend some great time creating the memories we are right now.

Thanks for the lovely evening! We will get the 'other' family pictures soon! ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Fun would be an understatement for these two. They are whirlwind world-wide adventures, a story that could never be boring. Love is something they show bravely and this day gave me some of my favourite photos to date. Thanks for all the fun in these shots friends!

Nothing Cuter

There is nothing cuter than this boy. He was so happy, and man does he like to explore! Discovering everything, it's best to get down on my knees and watch him. With another sibbling on the way, life just gets more and more exciting! I had a lot of fun at the park, thank you for the afternoon!

A Sunny Morning Walk.

The day couldn't be more beautiful! This sweet family took me on tour of their neighborhood. On a lovely walk we chatted, giggled and and had an adventure climbing trees! Thanks for the fun time "S" family!