Friday, December 13, 2013

Great Joy.

Oh the ~M family!  I know their youngest is not a baby anymore, but it still always amazes me how much I've seen this family grow and grow, and now the house is absolutely full of giggles, shrieks and scampering feet (and paws!).  Every year at this time I am lucky enough to have a super happy Sunday morning visiting their home and learning all about the latest progressions and adventures of the wee ones.  Hockey, play school, play dates- and this year a fun Gala- for the family.  Mom and Dad are inspiring and I always come home happy to give my own kids some extra love because the ~M family's is infectious!  I can't wait to see what you all get up to in the next year (some big projects maybe?  ha ha).  Lots of love over the holidays!  Laura Jane.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

And Baby Makes... FIVE.

My baby brother and his wife are having another BABY! I love a good baby, and I already love this one.  It'll be a (third) boy, and I can't wait to meet Mister Beautiful.  

I already love his older brothers to pieces.  And bits.  Also, so so much.  A lot.  You with me?

His Momma is beautiful and radiant.  Only a few more weeks.  Gosh, a winter baby will be the best to snuggle all cozy with his Mom.  

I added the cousin photos at the end, whom are also so excited for another one.  There.  Now the anticipation can eat at us all, blog readers.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inner Puppy.

This is a handsome dog and my good friend.  

One of the first memories I have of Atticus that makes us all chuckle is the time he thought he was a little puppy- a lap dog sort- and he hopped up to curl on my 3 year old daughters lap like it was all good.  When we pushed him off (because he was stubborn and really just wanted to chill on her lap) he looked so confused why we'd deny him such a thing.  

Atticus is always a good time.  He loves his walks, his stuffies (they don't last long), belly tickles, cuddles and his human Mom.  

I love this excellent memory on that beautiful fall day.  Thanks boy!  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The School Years.

With the children only a couple of years away from leaving elementary school days, it was fun spending a morning hanging out and goofing around in the way kids know best!  I couldn't believe how much these guys had grown since the last photos we'd done, it just goes to show how in the blink of an eye time passes so fast.  I was glad to be able to capture their memory of this time and to peek at the beautiful family they have together.   Thank you so much for asking me to photograph you!  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Hello blog followers!
Well, it's been a busy couple of months, though you wouldn't know it looking at this blog!

I'd like to share some photos from a couple of weeks ago.

It was an honour to photograph a celebration of a family for their lovely 16-year-old.

The festivity was beautifully celebrated in the evening.  ~M made her way in by candle light from family and friends.  She was hugged, doted on and loved.  Her life and specialness were reflected on with photos, messages and her favourite things.  It was wonderful to be the person to capture this beauty and love and celebrate with everyone.  Thank you so much for sharing with me!


~The Goodies

~The Arrival

~The cake!

~Some family 

~Some friends

~Father and daughter dance

~The party begins! (Can you guess the first photo's song? )

~More Candy!  (This girl can swing!)

Wish Upon a Sweet 16 Star
When night has fallen
And the soul is moved
Silent wishes are made
In sacred solitude.
My wish dear friends
Look far above
Night sky filled with diamonds
Lit up with Sweet 16 love.
And we will all be stars
Shinning lights from times long past
Celebrating another Sweet 16
Our traditions holding fast.
~Not Known