Friday, January 28, 2011

~photo journal short~

"Hey Mabel! Whatcha' doin'?"

(Mabel looks over with glee)

"How do you like your book?! (tickle tickle)"

(Mabel giggles)

(Peak-a-boo game commences. More giggling.)

Oh gosh. Afternoons are delightful around here lately.

(okay mom, can we go eat now?)

K family.

It's so nice to know such wonderful people exist in the town I live in. This family has become so special and dear to me and mine.

When we headed out to the park for a Canadian winter adventure, we sure got one! We ended up battling deep snow covering most of the play ground and dodging (almost literally!) a grater plowing the parking lot and streets. We ended with fresh baked cookies Mom brought and a tobaggan play on the hill. Perfect afternoon in my books! Thanks K family!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The M family is growing!

Oh, the M family! It has been a couple years since little (and I mean little!) ~C was born. ( his pictures here: premmie, baby, toddler. )

Well, it just so happens that two days before my own Miss Mabel was born, this family had another (smidgen early!) baby- little C's sister S! She is cute as a button too. LOVE her! And oh, this family with their beautiful eyes! I love coming back to their home... it's busy, but there is so much love. In fact, as I was leaving Mom said they are expecting a number three- can't wait! But right now, a sweet little S and her big brother (who refers to her as Sissy- break my heart!).

Baby Roll

Hey all! Just trying out the blog with bigger pictures on Mabel's baby rolls. Will be posting a few entries in the next day or two! LOTS to catch up on! Yay for photos! Also, I am redoing the Facebook page, it's a little more than outdated as I head back into taking photos in the next few months, so don't mind it. Will be up and running better in a few! I hope the winter weather is finding you cozy and snug.