Monday, December 29, 2008

Some of my Christmas.

5 minutes before half the family left after our Christmas visit, I decided to get snap happy, Wish I would've been that way the whole time, but at least I got a few good photos.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

watching life before my eyes

It's hard to believe that ~C was on life support only 10 months ago, the size of a grapefruit fighting for his life. Now, he is the life of the party! He is full of smiles and giggles, at awe to the world around him (especially when we ventured outside! ha ha!) I hope your family has a warm, merry Christmas, wherever you go. :)

RED-y for Christmas!

~A's mom probably thought I was absolutely crazy with how much I kept saying I couldn't believe how much the baby has grown! And really, I couldn't. Tiny ~A is looking around, smiling and telling everybody something with her eyes. Mom and Grandma were all geared up in the Christmas mode and little ~A had fun dressing up. Good call on the bow ~R, I love that picture!

Hey Cuz!

One of the BEST things growing up is having a cousin your age. I had a couple, and we lived miles apart, but when we'd meet at family gatherings or on vacation, we were like blood siblings! These two little boys are only months apart, and they cracked me up. Notice how they are learning to share? I love it! A beautiful thing. Thanks for letting me come over! Happy Holidays.

Pretty in Pink!

The two little ~T's worked very hard to smile, but we managed to get a few! Such dainty and pretty girls, it was great to meet you both (and mom too)! I hope your teeth start feeling better soon little ~T and big ~T is SO helpful, I know she made Santa's good list this year :)

Christmas Cheer!

A cutie at age number one! It was good to see the great growing progress of little (BIG!) ~M! All ready for Christmas (or at least well on their way!) the great ~M family had smiles and cheer for me when they came to the door right until I left. I know how precious your little guy is, it's so nice to see you all again. Talk to you in the new year!

A new born baby for Christmas is coming!

~J is going to have a little new born babe of her own for this Christmas! An excited mama, glowing beautifully. It was a lot of fun seeing you, ~J! It's been what, 10 or so years? Nice to catch up and see your little family blossom!