Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Bump

So, my baby brother is having another baby. I love this little bigger family! They are also moving into their first owned home this weekend. It is so sweet and nice to see what my brother has made of his life, I'm a proud older sister. I remember 'making a deal' with him when we were younger that if he'd play house first, then I'd play Tonka trucks. I always bailed (sorry bro! older siblings have their ways, I guess?)- but it's so nice to see B living the real thing. He is a good partner and father. I am a thankful sister, to have him and his fam jam in my life. Love you guys! J, you look radiant! Best wishes over the next chapter in your lives.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Retro Cheesecake Workshop.

So, I've obviously not been posting photos for a few months. I have been organizing and shooting, and have a bit to share- but before I share everything I just wanted to fast forward to these photos I took a couple of weekends ago. I couldn't wait to get through everything. These are from a workshop I took from the talented Amber Lee . Dream! I'm, like a few others, a little obsessed with this era.

I hope to one day run my own pin-up marathon- it'll be awhile, so many many projects on the go and in the making right now. On the back burner, this cheesy dream will be cooked up one day! All week after participating in the workshop, I just wanted to go back to that afternoon- it was as fun as the big cheesy grins the models are sporting- oh yes!

Hope your spring is going well, mine is busy busy and fun fun!

Until next time,