Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Cute For Words.

This little munchkin, 6months old, is TOO CUTE! He had more than a million expresions and had no problem showing them off to me! I had so much fun hanging out with him and mom and dad for an hour, smiling back at him was medicinal. Thanks for having me come by!

One Fun Girls Night.

At a local Youth Centre every January they hold a Boys night (boys only) followed by a Girls night (girls only). I was invited to donate some photography time for the girls night to do a fun shoot, which sounded like too much fun to pass up!

Something about youth is so invigorating. I sometimes feel that society views youth with such a negative distaste, quick to judge- which is extremely unfortunate. Spend a night, or have a conversation with one of these energetic young folk, and you will see how vitally alive they are. They have such great hopes for their future, and for the worlds future. In all honesty, I have a much higher hope myself after spending time with them because I see that they have not given up on passionate things, like helping and healing, loving and living, dreaming and aspiring. I find them grounding and encouraging.

They strive with their own personal drive and ambition to create an impact that emits beauty and fascination into this world. It is true. I love them!

Thanks ladies, for letting me be a small part of your inspiration!

The Rockies.

Took a trip to Jasper a couple weeks ago. It was nice and refreshing to take a drive and enjoy the scenery.

The first picture is Chief Mountain. It is the first definite mountain I always notice when I drive up the highway. It's called chief mountain because the natives would travel through the valley beside it when their chief would die, into the mountains, considered sacred (and they are), to bury him.

Take a look at the mountain. On the right, their is a shear cliff jutting up. That is his chin. If you go along the top from there, you see his profile, nose and forehead. Then as the mountain backs off down the other side, that is his head dress. The valley is on the right of the mountain and that is where the highway now goes as well. Growing up, mom would tell us the story every summer as we drove through this way on various adventures around western Canada.

This mountain is just one I thought was beautiful, I don't know it's name and can't remember on the trip where it came into play. I could see it perfectly through the valley, the fog creating mystery for me.

This is Mount Robson, I believe the tallest mountain in the region. I've never seen the top. Others have, and I've seen pictures of it, so apparently it exists. Every time (which has been often) I pass by, it is covered from me. Maybe one day....

This is a guy who was using the info center in front of Mnt. Rob as his own play area. Looks like fun.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm an AUNTY!

I have everything done and ready to show you from this last week that I was supposed to. However, I am still going to hold off, because I have had something very important happen in the past few days that I want to share with you.

Monday was going to be the day that, had Jaime not gone into labour, she would be induced. In the middle of the day, I texted my brother for the progress. They had been called in and she had been given the gel. My sister was already at the hospital with them. I finished up the last few tedious errands I had to do and picked Mika up from preschool. We went to the hospital. I met my sister in the lobby on her way to get a burger. I'm going to interject here with the series of events, because I have a memory of when I was in labour with Mika. My sister and husband at the time, Mike, got burgers while I was in labour. I remember them discussing what they would eat, and I remember Mike getting a little too excited that there was a White Spot in the hospital. They were going on and on about food and I was in pain, that I eventually got mad and snapped at them. They gave 'the look' as in, she's in labour and not so happy. The reason I share this story with you, is because this time around with Meagan being a part of the labour journey my brother got this great picture. It has Jaime with this look of pain holding her belly and Meagan beside her picking up her burger minding her own business and eating. Freaking hilarious, an ongoing joke the whole day. Meagan, you are a GREAT labour coach... you have a medical background, you help a person make decisions with all points of views included and you are encouraging and thoughtful... but seriously, the burger thing is a bit at large. Ha ha! Brian or Jaime, send the picture so I can share the humour with everyone!

Anyway. We were there hanging out for a bit, but learned that Jaime was not very far along and Miss Mika was getting the grump on, so we decided to go home until further notice. It was about 6 o'clock. Brian said he'd call us when the doctor came at 7 for an update. Went home, had supper, put Mika to bed at about 7:30, and Brian called. Doctor still had not come and Jaime was still not far along. I decided to bake some dessert for my parents. Mmmm, Lava cakes. Well, the cakes just go in the oven, and the phone rings. Jaime is 9 and a half cm dilated! My mom and I stood at that oven door... and at this point I'd like to change the saying "A watched pot never boils" to "A watched cake doesn't bake". Those 4 minutes were soooooo long! Finally, I whip them out of the oven, and mom and I jump in the Envoy and away we go! I probably should not have been driving I was SO excited.

Mom and I could not stop chatting and chittering about babies, and cousins, and Brian being a Dad (A dad!!! My little brother!!!) and poor POOR Jaime who had a labour so fast all of a sudden.

We rush through the door in the nick of time before they close it, and up the elevator. We arrive at the other side of the door to the room, and here some painful sounding noises. Meagan is just around the corner in the waiting room, having arrived 5 minutes before us. We chat for a bit, she updates us on stats. Jaime did not get the epidural, there was no time. (my heart went out to her then! An induction without an epidural I couldn't imaging, because I had one... I have a VERY low pain tolerance, but I think hers is even lower than mine!)

We here some sounds that seem like Rylan is almost here. We crowd the door waiting.

Let me tell you about the energy now. It's thin, and comes through the door. We can all feel it... it sends goosebumps and love, because there is nothing more special than a baby in this world. Waiting for that specialness is pretty much the most exciting thing a person can anticipate.

We here a final push, and Jaime shouting "Yes!" And then, we hear Rylan. A beautiful set of lungs. Everyone on this side of the door is grinning ear to ear.

We waited a long long (long!) time for news. Jaime's mom comes out periodically to tell us. He's cute, lots of hair. He's pink all over. He's 19 inches! He's 8lbs 7oz!

We take turns going in... and when I got my turn... well, he is cute! And pink and hairy, and chubby (a matter of perspective I guess, I've seen more preemies than newborns in my time I think though). He is beautiful and amazing. I love him.

Here is Rylan Joseph, born February 25 at 9:18pm.

Jaime, you did well. You did more than well, you did spectacular! Congratulations on your baby, I can't wait to hang out with you guys, for our kids to play together. I can't wait for you to see all those firsts- first smile, first laugh, first roll, first crawl, first word, first tooth, first step. The cuddling to come, the conversations, the worrying, the hoping and the loving. Being a mother is more incredible than anything... I think you are doing a great job of embracing it all.

Brian. My sweet little big brother. You are a Father. A Dad. A Pop. You are going to have so much fun. Your kind heart and enduring nature that I've experienced first hand. Your silly, hilarious, easy-going ways. Sometimes you make me laugh so much, it's medicinal. Your calm attitude and beautiful mind. These things I know make you a great father already. I can't wait to see you put it all into play. I can't wait for my Mika and your Rylan to grow up and make stories of their own, like the so very many stories you and I have together. Through thick and thin, knowing each other like we do.
Congratulations B. Your son is amazing.

And here is Aunty. Meagan, you have had so much practice with my munchkin, there is no doubt in knowing the kind of aunty you will be. I imagine horses will have something to do with it. I'm sure Rylan will love petting and cuddling the lizards. One day on his lips he will lick sweet mmmberries from your garden. Zoo trips, plane rides and sleepovers with floats. Rylan has some fun times ahead with you.

Rylan, I love you, and all your parts. It has only been a few hours that I've known you, but you have shown me such beauty already that I know this life will be a heartwarming, grand experience and adventure.
Welcome to the world, we are so happy you've come. Love, Aunty Laura.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Brian and Jaime

This weekend I went for a visit over to the bro's place. Hilarious as usual, the kid made me laugh. A sweet couple they are, it was a lot of fun. The minute I came in I was serenaded (so eliquantly too! Ha ha!) then some quick happy snappy's, and he asked for me to take a tour to his drum kit. He forgot to ask the ears.

Oh, the good times.... Now really, you can HAVE THE BABY! I'm waiting.... lol.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, it's definitely exciting for me and it will mean a LOT more pictures coming your way, so it should be exciting for you too! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy THIS WEEK! Here are the maternity pictures done last week. Isn't she cute? Now have the baby! Ha ha!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beautious Maximous

The title says it all. Nikki, you are beautiful, inside and out. Happy Anniversary!