Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Stroll on Main Street.

These two have been in love for awhile and now they've decided to get hitched! When I heard the news I was so thrilled, especially after spending time with them and having a friendship grow over the past (almost) year. It isn't always that you meet people that leave you feeling energized, inspired and happy. It's nice to know we (my husband and I) have friends like this, and that together we can spend more time making memories over the years as this couple makes their next step.

Speaking of making memories, I met up with them in a town they don't live in for these photos and we went from there. It was a lovely adventure and this is definitely a top main street I've ever seen for interesting things and lovely backdrops- then again, that could just be the company I was with!

Here we are, the future Mr&Mrs.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Dream.

This was the autumn day that was every photographer's dream. Just the right temperature- not too windy and cold or hot and sunny... just right. Just right for sweaters, adventures and smiles for the changing seasons.

We ventured down a trail I haven't been before and it was beautiful. There was evidence of a few bears who thought these woods were great for strolling in too, but we didn't actually see any. We did find a lot of cheese (CHEESE!!!) and some silliness though.

Thanks for the beautiful morning ~H family, twas delightful!