Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Young Love.

On Mike's side, ~J is the first born grandchild and our eldest niece. Over the years I have gotten to know ~J as she has turned into a lovely young lady. They live a bit (too) far away, but we always pack our visits in with love and laughs.
~J is sweet, generous, kind and has a huge heart. She is thoughtful ( and makes a mean java!), considerate and now- she's in love! Her sense of humor and excitement made for a giggly and cute afternoon. ~D is her soon-to-be and he's been doing the proper courting rituals of bringing flowers and making ~J happy. It was so nice to meet ~D, I can't wait for the family memories to happen with him too.
~J & ~D, I am SO happy for you, and am excited to see where your life goes from here. Love you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sweet Valentine on the way?

This weekend was a whirlwind of splendor, activity and love! I have SOOO much to share- oh squeal!- but Wendy's are first because I am excited and also she is due in just over a week. It is kind of funny that lately every time we trek over the border to BC to visit Mike's family, dear Wendy has been pregnant each time. So this will be the third. We only had a couple of minutes to take a handful of photos this time- but hey, traditions must be kept!

Keep posted in the next few days- when I said activities, I meant it! All in one day, too :)