Tuesday, January 27, 2009

are you wearing my foot grear?

shoes, boots and sandals- I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

We are so HAPPY to get hand-me downs from family and friends, and we just got a big ol' box of footwear! Mika was so excited, trying one pair on after another. The hardest part (and I'm not sure for whom) is that she cannot wear them until the snow melts :( so sad! My FAVE pair was the rain boots with the plastic flower (OMG!!!). Can't wait for spring!

creatures of the wet world

On a fun afternoon at the mall, we decided to go underground to the caverns. What a secret world! I recommend this place to anyone! I could spend hours down there, and didn't want to leave. You can touch and pet things and get up close and personal! I watched this little red urchin below cling to the rock, then it decided to move across the pool to the waterfall. So cool! Then one of three turtles kept swimming right by us from the huge wall tank with sharks in it! The penguins weren't as active this day, but a few would swim by us. The mucky glass made it hard to see, but they were Mika's favourite! I touched and tickled the green anemone. I tried to convince Mika to touch it, one of my favourite childhood things to do was play with them in tidal pools in BC on vacation. She wouldn't even stick her hand in the water :(. The alligator was my FAVOURITE! I loved him, I even tried to kiss him despite the glass (that I was thankful for too, ha ha!) If a frog turns into a prince, what does an alligator turn into? Hmmmm. Katrina loved the stingrays, I tried to be brave, I even KNEW they wouldn't sting and were safe, even with the staff attendant there reassuring me- but I couldn't! Beautiful things though, so cool! They each have there own personality too! Fun day :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The New Year.

What have I been up to? Well, no excuses, I am slacking on the blog. It is my mission ( the word resolution scares me into failure, ha ha!) to carry the camera with me more often. This week so far, I have captured Mika and her little friend ~J~ on D-film. They are having a great time! They each carry their little special stuffie with them wherever we go. They are having fun with the warm weather by snow diving, snow eating and snow throwing! They wake up in their jammies and make it to the TV for morning tunes and breakie. They try to sneak jumping on the bed and were absolutely shocked when I told them they could actually jump, but just for the picture. We got out some sparklers to make new wishes. Mika wanted to do them all at once, one after another from the pack. ~J~ wanted to make a wish each day she is here. We did a couple and saved a couple (sweet compromising!). ~J informed me she needed to go to bed because she's farting too much. Mika would nonchalantly respond by saying, 'I have a crabbie named Petunia!'. I can never keep up with their conversations, but they are happy enough. I could definitely listen to their conversations all day though- LOVE 4 YR OLDS! So we made our wishes and finished the day with a couple play dates.

As for the blog- I still have to share my past year highlights and my this year hopes! I am FAR to tired after our busy day and can't think straight right now, but am looking forward to that soon! Much love!