Monday, May 26, 2008

Day at the Park

Such a nice evening, we went to the park. Mika decided Uncle Brian needed a push on his roller blades.

I always knew Brian was secretly a monkey (or just a trained scaffolder by trade).

She is a monkey though. She told me.

Sucks when your foot can go that high, but your butt can't.


Uncle Brian teaches the children which way NOT to go down the slide. I thought it was a good idea.

Rylan just chills in his stroller.

Oh look! It's the monkey's in their natural habitat!

Rylan decided hanging out in the stroller is not as much fun.


(isn't he cute? I love him)

A nice spring evening, these two were just hanging out. Here are some moments caught on cam.

A Mom.

A fun session! Having been rained out, and despite the dark light this day, we were able to get some fabulous pictures!
I think this is going to be one happy baby, mom is constantly in fits of giggles, which makes for one good time. Lucky we had grandma there too, to make sure blocks spelt 'girl' didn't spell 'gril' and give new meaning to 'bun in the oven'!

Thanks for coming over, and I am VERY excited to see the little one in July!

A Walk To Remember

So, as part of a team of Official Canadian Cancer Society Relay Photographers for 2008, I spent my Saturday at foote field taking pictures, and trying hard, unsuccessfully, to hold it all together.

I am at a loss for words, and am sad I couldn't stay further into the night to see and photograph the beautiful luminaries and spirited people. I did get to hear the survivor speeches however, something absolutely inspiring and worth hearing to truly know that every day counts, mostly this day.

This is the group photo of all the survivors present at the relay.

Cute girls who preformed during the speeches.

This is the lady who made me absolutely lose it, I had a hard time pulling myself together. A survivor of 32 years, her words were more than inspiring they were life shattering.

And just the site of these two made me break into tears again while I was taking pictures.

One day, the words "You have cancer" won't be as devastating, thanks to events like these. With just under $500, 000 raised, we are that much closer.