Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweet T (cont'd)

So, I had to add three more here, just because! I always go back and forth between loving color photos and black and white photos, right now I'm going through a B&W phase, maybe, so I wanted to share a few more.

Enjoy :)

Sweet ~T

Oh, all the new baby joys this summer! I love the little bundles.

Introducing baby T, so pink and perfect! And her big sister was just as squish-able. I absolutely loved this adorable family. We took an hour to capture this cute family in their cozy lakeside home. I miss these days with my own two, hanging out and getting to know the new addition. Thanks for the peak and the flashbacks, guys!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hi Folks!

Hey bloggity bloggy followers!

So, My youngest turned one two months ago. Yup. I am pretty sure time fly's really super duper fast. Around the time little Mabel turned one, I decided to completely separate my personal blog entries from client/photography related entries, so I created a new personal blog. I'm not going to hide it, it is http://creamydreamysoapdish.blogspot.com/ , but please note (disclaimer!!!) that anything and everything over there has nothing to do with my photography business end of things and is not a reflection or in any way connected to my work here. You enter at your own risk :) Oooo, you risk taker, you! My last entry there was about bub's Bday and I will probably soon be blogging about our recent month long trip to California and back (and everything in between). But, there will be other entries, and more personal too. Anyway... back to things at hand.

I have had a wonderful, refreshing and memorable chunk of time off and now I am looking forward to getting back to things at hand here. I am going to start organizing and updating websites and FB pages mid month, and will likely start taking clients again around then, also. I will not be over-booking and space will be limited the first couple months as I get back into the swing of things, and I think you for your patience. Keep your eyes open for updates, contests and more here :)

I wanted to also end this little ol' entry with a couple pictures (I know, personal stuff here when I have the new personal blog- but it's photography related, I swear! :) ) of my gorgeous, brand-spankin' new baby nephew, born not even two weeks ago! LOVE HIM! So sweet to see my little brother's family grow! We stopped by on our way home from holidays when he was (technically) still only one day old. WHY can't I have a personal jet to fly over and hold him every morning? Distance between families sucks sometimes.

Thanks for poppin' by the blog!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Baby for the ~M family.

I absolutely adore these guys. You have seen these frequent ~M family folks on previous blog entries, and this is the newest addition, baby ~R. She is so sweet and quite different than her older siblings. I absolutely love this about families, how unique and different every individual is. I have been having so much fun getting to know the older two, I can't wait to get to know baby ~R over time, too.

Thanks for having me over, despite my post- road trip, disheveled self, ~M family!