Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hitting the streets, with style!

*could ~K be any more fun?!* Seriously.

I could have done this for a full day straight. Gorgeous girl + adventurous attitude = one fun photo shoot! And she wasn't holding back (I won't mention the superman-esque jeans to skirt change (okay, I just did) and where it was (good thing she could do it so quickly!) Thanks for venturing around the streets and thank YOU for asking me to do the pics- anytime!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet little C and Woody.

Little C has begun to play shy. I'm sure it's a master plan to get the ladies attention (you know, the shy, coy approach). Well- it works with me.

Little C. Is. Cute!

He has a friend, Woody. Woody loves to be here, there, everywhere. He is not shy, he is happy to be your friend right away (like as soon as you ring the door bell). He also had me at hello.

Sometimes in life we cannot help but have favorites (you know that's true!), I will always, always love to visit these people, they are people favorites for me!

beautiful family

In the beginning of summer, I met a beautiful lady who was gracefully turning 90. I can only hope I am as agile, witty and be- as she calls herself- the Bella of the ball! She lovingly made all of her granddaughters beautiful rings from her bracelet. Family is the true gem, and this one knows it!